Mar 25 2011

Epstein Barr Virus and the Immune System

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Epstein Barr virus and the immune system are closely intertwined. When your immunity is suppressed your body is unable to fend off the onslaught of viruses and bacteria in your environment resulting in a cold, flu or viral infection like EBV.

Your immunity can be lowered by stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, a change in seasons or immune-lowering medications. Now is the time to take precautions and get your immunity system in tip top condition. So what can you do to avoid a lowered immune system and the misery of suffering a nasty Epstein Barr virus infection? Here’s some ideas:

  • Firstly it is essential that you keep up a healthy intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein foods, whole grains, nuts, seeds and natural oils. These are vital when treating Epstein Barr virus and your immune system.
  • Minimise your intake of sugar which is known to suppress immunity. Drinking plenty of pure water, herb teas, green tea and freshly squeezed juices will keep you hydrated and feeling good.
  • A regular exercise program with a daily dose of sunshine will prime your immunity system and lift your spirits. Choose an exercise you enjoy, and aim to do it three to five times a week.
  • If you are prone to picking up infections, then add some immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C and zinc into your diet.
  • Preventative herbs like echinacea and olive leaf extract are also of benefit when treating Epstein Barr virus and your immune system.
  • Common sense procedures like washing your hands regularly, keeping your hands away from your face (which can transmit viruses to your nose and mouth) and ensuring good ventilation in your home and work place will optimise your chances of keeping infections at bay. EBV is carried in saliva, so kissing and sharing cups, eating utensils, towels etc should be avoided if your partner is contagious with an active infection.
  • If you come down with Epstein Barr virus and your immune system is struggling, then the best remedy is rest and sleep. Don’t try to push on at work or school where you could spread the infection to others.
  •  If you have uncomfortable respiratory symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat or cough then try some steam inhalations with added essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree oil.
  •  Taking immune stimulants like olive leaf extract, echinacea, vitamin C and zinc may help to minimise the severity and duration of your symptoms during Epstein Barr virus and immune system treatment.

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