Nov 18 2008

Epstein Barr symptoms – headaches and muscle pain

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The Epstein Barr virus that causes mononucleosis or glandular fever can affect the nerves of the
body causing symptoms like headaches and muscle pains.

Conventional painkillers may mask these symptoms temporarily but will not address the cause of the problem. Aspirin in particular should be avoided because of its association with Reye’s syndrome, a serious condition affecting the liver and brain.

The best natural approach for headaches and muscle pain is to take some high dose magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant. The B complex and vitamin C can also help relax the nerves and muscles to hopefully bring you some relief.

Epsom salt baths (2 cups to a hot bath before bed), massage and seeing your chiropractor can also be beneficial.

If your headaches and body pains are not clearing with the above advice, then it may be that your liver is congested. This is common in Epstein Barr. Drinking at least 2 – 3 litres of water a day to flush out the virus and toxins in your system is essential. Start your day with lemon juice in warm water. When you are a bit stronger, a more potent liver tonic is a good idea.

If your headaches or body pains are prolonged or severe, it is important that you get a check with your doctor. There may be other conditions like allergy, low blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia or anaemia that may be contributing to your condition. It is also worth seeing a chiropractor or osteopath to ascertain if your neck and back are out of alignment and putting pressure on your nerves.

Epstein Barr symptoms like headaches and muscle aches are usually seen in the acute stage of the illness. Fortunately in most cases they are self-limiting and will disappear when the body has thrown off the virus. If you need further help in treating your Epstein Barr symptoms naturally then please refer to my e-book.

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  1. Bonnie Bieser says:

    I’m interested in getting your ebook, for my daughter. She had mono in April 2009. She seemed to recover within 4 -5 weeks, however in November of 2009 began getting severe headaches and earpain. We’ve been to many doctors and all say it is related to the mono. Please advise.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear your daughter has been so ill. Fortunately conditions like headaches and ear pain respond well with natural therapies.
    It is a matter of building up your daughter’s immune system with the right nutrients, foods and herbs, and reducing inflammation which can worsen symptoms.
    The aim is to get the mono virus under control so it does not relapse and cause further complications.

    I would recommend you have a read through the e-book then email me with the specifics of your daughter’s symptoms, history and age so we can fine tune
    a program for her.

    Best Wishes

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