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Dizziness in Epstein Barr (Mononucleosis or Glandular Fever)

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When you are infected with EBV, your body mounts an immune response in order to clear the virus from your system. As well as symptoms like a sore throat, fatigue, fever and swollen glands you may also experience debilitating dizzy spells, light-headedness and nausea. Fortunately dizziness in Epstein Barr can be treated effectively with natural remedies.

Let’s have a look at the most popular natural treatments:
1) Symptoms of light-headedness, vertigo and dizziness in Epstein Barr virus patients are commonly due to an imbalance in the nervous system particularly if your adrenal glands are depleted. To replenish the adrenals and help you cope with the stress of being ill, high dose magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin C are a good starting point.
2) Dizziness in Epstein Barr can be worsened by low blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia is often accompanied by sweating, shaking and irritability. Low blood sugar is noticeable if you miss a meal or eat too late.  Eating small, regular protein rich foods can help maintain stable blood sugar levels.  Avoiding excess carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol and coffee is essential.
3) Some cases of light-headedness and dizziness in Epstein Barr can be due to low blood pressure. This is especially likely if you feel dizzy on standing. To help boost low blood pressure, start with some regular exercise, vitamin E and small amounts of sea salt in your diet.
4) Ear infections are a common cause of dizzy spells, nausea and vertigo. If you have symptoms of ear pain, ringing in the ear, pressure behind the ear drum or discharge from the ear then an ear infection may be the culprit. This may be a secondary infection due to EBV suppressing your immunity.
5) Anaemia can sometimes be the cause of fatigue and dizziness in Epstein Barr. Your doctor can run iron tests to see if you are anaemic. Anamia is more likely if you don’t eat a lot of red meat or have a history of heavy menstruation, gastrointestinal bleeding or during pregnancy.
6) Poor nerve flow and circulation to the head can be associated with dizziness in Epstein Barr patients. If you have a history of neck or back pain or a past injury then it is worth seeing a chiropractor or osteopath to assess your condition.

When you get dizzy or light headed then try doing some deep breathing, drink a glass of water and have a protein-rich snack. Lying down or resting on the floor with your legs up against a wall may help. If after following the above guidelines your dizzy spells continue then please see your natural health practitioner for further testing and advice.

For more information on the natural treatments for light-headedness and dizziness in Epstein Barr, please refer to my e-book “Nature’s Amazing Mononucleosis Cures”.  This e-book reveals the optimal nutrients,
herbs, foods, liver cleansing, stress management and graded exercise for treating EBV.

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  1. stef says:

    I am 21 years old and was I was told that i had glandular fever march this year which this friday will be 9 months ago.
    I work with children and havent felt right for the last two years. I was constantly ill and catching something and would never have energy but just carried on and carried on because the docters kept telling me i would be fine and it was just another virus there was nothing they could give me. But i knew it wasnt right to keep getting ill and constantly feel like everything was an effort.
    If i used alot of energy or i was due to eat i would get a really strange foggy head and a strange dizziness like i needed to eat. But i would have eaten and drank sufficiently so couldnt understand why it was happening. I always knew that something wasnt quite right and it was always in the back of my mind. I was then tested for diabetes because of my complaints of this light headed and dizzy feeling, which i didnt have.
    These symptoms got worse and after almost collapsing in the shower whilst with a terrible cold a nurse suggested i be tested. It came back positive and for the first three months i could barely moove around and felt completely ill. My main symptom was an internal dizziness like a lightheaded feeling. I always felt like i hadnt eaten and that i was about to pass out even though thankfully i have never passed out. I have been of work since then. I could just about have a bath but then would get out of breath and feel so weak even to talk somedays i just couldnt. I then became worse and began having headaches and heart palpitations i was so weak i would literally get out of breath from going up or down the stairs i had to moove around so slowly. The docters were and have been completely useless from the day i found out and told me it wouldnt last long.
    I then began to have panic attacks because i was so worried about myself and how ill i was and was asking my mum to sleep with me because i was so frightened that something was going to happen which is such a horrible way to feel especially at this age you do not expect to be in a situation like that when up to all this i had been fine.
    It has been the hardest thing to deal with as you feel like your banging your head against a brick wall. The fourth month i started to pick up but still had alot of the symptoms. In the fifth month i dipped again and it has been constantly up and down ever since. I then started to get numb legs and arms and a trembling feeling in my head which is horrible but the docter said it was post viral symptoms???and stress???In the last two months i have been feeling better overall but i am still not back to normal and i am devestated because i have litterally put my life on pause to try and give myself the best chance of recovery which is very hard when i am such a life loving person and all my friends just cannot believe it especially as i go to bed early rest well take vitamins eat well and drink well and try to go walking when i’m having better days. Sat here today writing this i have a terrible head i feel like i have been out all night when i went to bed at 9 and usually go at 8/8.30 i will never go later than half past 9 so i have had sufficient sleep and yet i have a horrible head no dizziness today but pressure and trembling which is horrible. I am scared that i am going to develop MS and i am just devestated that i am like this as i have always looked after myself never smoked never binged drink barely drank i was adn still would be just a fun girl who loved going out with my family friends boyfriend and enjoying everything about life and was looking forward to uni as i want to become a primary school teacher which i have had to put on hold. I am such a positive person and have tried to not let this get to me but obviously it is.
    The docter now wants me to try anti-depressants when I AM NOT DEPRESSED i am just frustrated that i am still in this sitation but he says as my bloods look good he thinks ill be fine when i am not fine.
    I have been seeing a acupuncturist since march and even she cannot believe how long it has lasted i just dont no what to do i just want to be me again and get my life back its horrible and i would not wish it on anyone it is awful.
    I have tried to stay so positive and take each day as a new one but it is very wearing especially at nine months :( i have found your website helpful and have been shocked that there is not more help out there and information about gladular fever.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,

    Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear you are ill with glandular fever. It can be a very frustrating time.

    Fortunately there is a lot you can do with natural therapies to help your recovery.

    Your priority is to get your immune system fighting off the virus with high dose vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin A. You will also need to repair your adrenal glands with magnesium and the B complex.

    A low carb, high protein diet with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and pure water is important. Some anti-inflammatory foods and anti-viral herbs will also help. If your symptoms persist you may need to do some liver cleansing in order to clear the virus from your system. The liver is often the culprit in cases of chronic glandular fever.

    All these techniques are outlined in my e-book and have been used with good results by many patients who have had similar conditions. With the e-book, you also get free email support for 30 days if you need further guidance on your individual concerns.

    Kind Regards

    Elizabeth Noble
    Wholistic Therapy Centre

  3. Susie says:

    My son has Glandular Fever. He was very sick, in pain, sleeping endlessly, unable to eat, vomiting the little water that he had etc. This went on for a number of day. Terrinly worrying. He has now had acupuncture which has worked incredibly and immediately!! He is awake and eating. The acupuncturist has got him eaten certain foods at the moment. But he is hungry, able to eat and not vomiting. I fantastic turn around.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Susie,
    Thanks for your post. Great to hear your son has made some good improvement with acupuncture. Sounds like he is getting back on his feet. Keep him well hydrated, eating well and getting plenty of rest.
    Best Wishes

  5. Stef says:

    Hi Elizabeth i last posted in decemeber 5 months ago & it is now may so thought i would post again with how i am & how i have been because unfortunately i am still not back to normal. Over the decemeber i felt i made some progress but nothing hugely noticeable & new years eve was hard still feeling odd & having to leave at half past 10 falling in to bed feeling absolutely awful. Waking up on the first on january going in to a new year was even harder knowing i was starting a new year like this. January continued to be the same however my dizziness was the best it had been. However, i did not see any major changes still felt very odd although tried to go out of the house some more but still knew i was not well enough to be doing so. After going to a friends house her little boy had a cold & i think he sneezed once and despite not even sitting that close to him i managed to catch it so then i had an average cold for almost 2 weeks. I was pleased that i did not seem to feel any worse with the cold however, when it began to leave is when problems started. Throughout the hole of february i felt completely wiped out again was struggling to have a bath needed help was really weak my head felt odd again & i felt like i did when i was at my worse & i couldnt understand why was it pvf or just how i was supposed to feel or because of the cold. So went back to my docter who keep brushing everything off with pvf when i dont even believe i have that. Finally they decided to check the virus levels in my blood which is the first time since being ill that they had done this!why had they not done this before??The results came back that i had another infection which was the cold & that glandular fever was still strongly presant in my blood 3 months ago which would make sense as it was december i started to pick up. This is when the doctors i felt started to believe & take me seriously. During this period i was still experiencing many symptoms the dizziness not as bad and probably the best it had been however, my arms were still going numb akking having days where they would feel like deadweights & would just hurt.
    I wanted to see a neurologist because of these symtoms and the fact i was still experiencing trembling internally throughout my body & odd headaches. A brain scan showed that everything was fine there a no nerve damage. These symptoms continued throughout march but overall i did feel better and finding baths and small physical tasks easier. I was then told my white blood cells were low and it was affecting my bone marrow?so needed them checking in a month. So a month later they went up but were still not in the normal range. I asked what happens if they do not go up again next time the doctors answer was “they will” well i have just had the results and they haven’t they have gone down and are 1.77 so interested to see what the doctor is going to do about this or will he just check them again. The symptoms in my arms are still presant and somedays my arms feel bruised and soar to touch as if the bones hurt i am not convinced its me/pvf so paid to see a rhuematologist who i explained everything to. His response was he felt id had a rotten time but i am now making progress & he did not want to do any further testing just wanted to test me for lupus which he didnt think i had.
    I still feel that they are not taking my seriously and as a person i am so decriptive i dont miss any details. I am so worried about myself and my health and find it mindblowing at how ill i have been and how i have just been left to get on with it i have literally begged for further testing but i suppose because i am not collapsing (because of how i have looked after myself) they will do no further because to them i look fine.
    It is so frustrating however on the positive the last month is the best i have felt so far.
    Do you know anyone to have had it as long as i have?because when i ask the doctors they say no. & do you also think that i should be pushing for further testing since the day i became ill i was told i had glandular fever then had full blood counts done twice last year had thyroid checked and that was it. Then this year virus levels vitamin d which was low and b12 which was fine and white blood count.
    Currently waiting for lupus results but nothing else nothing further.
    I do not thing they have done enough and keep brushing me of with me/pvf. On one hand they look at me and say i understand it is hard but then when i ask can they do anything further they say no which is complete rubbish if i was famous there is noway i would be left like this for a year and 3 months no way they would have done everything to check that everything was ok but because i am just a regular person despite paying to see two private doctors they wont do anything further because to them its just unfortunate?
    I dont know what to do i continue to eat drink and sleep well try to exercise and am due to see a physiotherapist. I also continue with acupucnture and have started seeing a naturopath to try and get rid of this virus and boost my immunity.
    Would really appreciate a response once again thankyou Stef x

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,
    Thanks for your update. Sorry you are still feeling so awful – it can be a very worrying time.

    Glandular fever can persist or relapse in some people for months after the initial infection. I think it is good that you are now seeing a naturopath – they are trained to treat the body
    as a whole – physical, mental and emotional so I’m sure you will start to make some good progress. Acupuncture also has a good history of being able to help with these type of immune conditions so keep it up if you can.

    Many cases of ongoing immune problems can result from a sluggish or congested liver.
    If you don’t start to make good progress soon then I would ask your naturopath about doing a liver cleanse.

    If your problems continue to persist then it is worth asking your doctor to test you for other microbes like mycoplasma, Lyme’s or Chlamydia pneumonia which are complicating your
    recovery. It is also important to test for other conditions like anaemia, allergy,
    low blood sugar, underactive thyroid, liver problems, sarcoidosis, MS etc that can mimic Epstein Barr.

    Keep your chin up.

    Best Wishes

  7. stef says:

    Hi Elizabeth i wanted to write again as i have had a couple of things done since i last wrote and i am still in no better position.
    I was referred to a hemotologist who i saw this week i was so looking forward to seeing him because i felt if anyone could help me he would be able to. Unfortunately it was the complete opposite all he did was look at the results from previous blood tests that i have had and tell me that my white blood cells are low yes but only just, even though the reason i was referred to him was to find out why this is and why they are not going up? He felt that because everything else looked ok he didn’t need to do any further testing. I then said but i am still unwell and suffering with alot of symptoms and i am not well enough to work or live a normal life as hard as i am trying to. He had no sympathy and i even said that seeing him was a last resort i really thought he could help me. His answer was i am not an immune specialist which is rubbish because i know alot can be told from blood results if they are tested for the right things.
    I was so upset and said i was fed up of being polite and as i couldnt breath for crying i walked out.
    I was devestated as i had paid to see this person aswell i could not believe he would not help me or do no more to ensure i am as well as i can be at this stage.
    My dizziness has been clear for the last two months i still have many days where my head doesnt feel quite right and sometimes that is relieved a little by eating but other days it doesnt.
    I continue to see my acupuncturist & naturopath, eat well drink well sleep well & try to keep as positive as i can & take each day as it comes.
    The symtoms i still have are
    *The feeling that i need to take it easy and not overdoo it
    *A feeling where i just do not feel right
    *Tension headaches
    *If i do not sleep well it will really make me feel odd the next day
    *I still at times can have better days but for no reason can feel odd in my chest and weak and out of breath for no reason?which i do not understand??
    *Heaviness in my arms that can ache for no reason
    *General heavy and tiredness within myself for no reason (will not have done anything different to cause this)
    *Feel good to be sat down but no to moove around somedays
    *Sometimes feel better to moove around slowly that to just stand upright for a period of time
    *I never have a day where i feel completely normal
    *Have to go to bed early not because of tiredness but because i dont feel well enough or right enough to be up and awake at a later time
    *Still have days where a bath can wipe me out and i can feel very odd after and out of breath even if i have been ok the rest of the day?
    I have not been well since being diagnosed with this since march 2010 (last year) it is now june 2011 :( i desperately desperatly want my life back and to at least feel like i am making progress.The progress i have made has been soooooo slow and i worry if somthing has caused that why has of effected me so badly?why is it lasting so long? This is what i thought the doctors could help with?but they won’t.
    I more than anything not worry about this but how can you not when it is effecting things like ur general wellbeing ur breathing and affects everything you do its so hard and such a worry. I hate that so much of my energy has to be put into dicussing such a negative thing but i am not the type of person who will just say im ill thats my life now no!im holding onto hope that i will get better and i will be back to the exact person i was and do everything i ever wanted to do and will live a long healthy life that it what i want more than anything but i have this dark cloud over me every single day reminding me that i am not ok.
    I wanted to tell you this to ask what do you think of where i am at with this and if there is anything i should do in regards to asking for tests or anything. My doctors are so unhelpful i feel like when in movies people can see ghosts and knowone believes them when they really can. It is just a horrible situation and is not helped by not being supported by the only people whose jobs it is to do so?All i can do is keep doing what i am doing but i am getting very worn down by it all and really thought that i would be doing alot better at this stage?
    Would really ppreciate a response again thankyou and also from anyone reading that has had an experience similar to mine thankyou Stef x

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,
    Sorry to hear you are still feeling ill. It can be a very worrying time. Shame about your experience with the hematologist – doesn’t sound like he was much help. A holistic doctor who is experienced in immune problems may be the way to go. Here’s a doctors list in case you don’t know a good doctor in your area:

    Many cases of chronic EBV are due to the liver being sluggish or congested. Have you done any regular liver cleansing? If not, then this would be a good place to start. This is explained in detail in my e-book. With your history you also need to clarify if you have any other microbes like mycoplasma, Lyme’s or Chlamydia pneumonia which are complicating your recovery. It is also important to test for other conditions like anaemia, allergy, low blood sugar, underactive thyroid, liver problems, sarcoidosis etc
    that can mimic Epstein Barr.

    Hang in there and just take it a day at a time. Focus on the good days and keep up the good work with your diet and lifestyle.

    Best Wishes

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi there.

    I just wanted to post a message for Stef. I really understand what you are going through. I had a terribly traumatic time with glandular fever, I caught it when I was 25/26 and now I’m 32. I’m not yet completely better (don’t worry I’m not suspecting you will have it for this long!!) but I am doing a PhD, have moved to a new area and have a new man.

    The trauma I was put through my other people was in some cases, unforgivable. It aggravated the illness (as if that isn’t bad enough by itself!) and was very isolated as I lived by myself. The doctors were by and large completely useless (if it doesn’t need a pill then surely you are not ill!) Considering that glandular fever is relatively common, it is mind-blowing how ignorant people are, and I was put through stress that should have never come my way.

    However, there were many things that were borderline miraculous for me. Briefly, yoga, meditation (this calms down the minds reaction to the virus and increases your immunity- I love it), NLP techniques, a good, simple diet and studying (the mental stimulation was a great distraction, even if i was physically weak I could be productive!)

    Getting ill in your twenties is hard, people in this age bracket are more selfish, and weren’t as interested in the Hannah that wasn’t vibrant, interesting, independant and active. I was still me! You know your real friends are eh?

    I am seeing now, however, that I have really gained a lot in some ways. I’m far stronger and a much deeper thinker (I don’t think I could have managed a PhD before this). I have no interest whatsoever in keeping up wit the Jones’ (something that a lot of women my age are doing left right and centre!) and I have a lot more determination (useful if surrounded by academics who are trying to pound you down!). It’s a long awful illness but I wouldn’t be surprised if you get pulled into some wonderful new directions as you get better.

    Meanwhile, relax and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life for a while…. Good luck.

    Elizabeth – Oh and the reason why I’m on this website, I eat all the good brown carbs, but still think that I may be eating too many – as I’m always topping up through the day. Is it wise to reduce carbs even when they are the better type? I was wondering if that may ease up my sensitive stomach (carbs producing acid someone said to me today)?

    Many thanks, Hannah

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for your post. I’m sure your story will help Stef with her struggle.

    In answer to your question, yes even good carbs in excess can be a problem. Carbohydrates of any form are acidic in nature and can also trigger inflammation in the body. I would experiment with reducing your carbohydrate level to see if it helps your stomach – aim for no more than a handful size portion per meal.
    You could also try adding some probiotics and/or digestive enzymes to see if they help your digestion.

    Best Wishes

  11. Hannah says:

    Thank you thats very kind I’ll bear that in mind.


  12. Stef says:

    Hi Elizabeth thankyou for the response sorry I have not replied until now.
    Well this is what I thought maybe a heamotologist would be able to rule out but they were insistent that there was nothing more they can do?I literally just do not know what to do I have tried to keep positive & do all I can to help myself. I feel really negative at the minute & everytime I try to tell myself think positive something negative related reminds me what’s the point because face it I am ill stop holding on to the fact itl be over soon because clearly it is not getting better. This week I have done nothing different with myself and feel worse than usual I feel like I have a muggy head like I’m coming down with something back of my nose feels thick and throat to swallow and have felt bad going to sleep and on waking don’t feel great. The only thing I can think is I wore a tank top to bed that was abit lower than usual at the back usually I make sure they come up to my neck so my backs covered and I don’t catch a chill. This is how careful I have to be with myself this is how delicate I am?So now I feel dreadful which yes you could saw well its not a full blown cold or something but on the other hand it highlights massively how easily I could become very ill if I wasn’t careful with myself at looking after myself the way I am or were to catch something I dread to think what state I’d be?I just feel I have made every right move throughout these last horrific 14months and knowbody wants to help or even respects what I say. I literally feel helpless I am so fed up. My boyfriend is in the army and comes back for 2\3weeks at a time after a 2\3month period and I cannot believe that each time he has been back over the time I have been ill that I am not really doing any more than I did the time before its very upsetting I feel like my lifes over now and I really have tried to refrain from letting all this get the better of me but the reality is this is it no matter how much effort I am putting in to desperately get back to normality this is it.

    Thanks Hannah for commenting if you don’t mind me asking what were you symtoms over the time you were unwell I am sorry that you have even had to experience so awful but at the same time it makes me think well at least I am not alone xx

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Steph,
    Thanks for your progress report. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your health.

    I would be looking at finding an understanding holsitic doctor or naturopath who is experienced in treating immune problems. If you don’t know anyone in your area then have a look at the good doctor’s list at:

    These ongoing immune disorders are often due to secondary intracellular bacterial infections so find someone who can get the specific PCR tests that look for the DNA of these bacteria in your blood.

    Try and keep your chin up. Focus on the little things in your day that can give you joy and peace – when I had chronic mono I used to enjoy sitting in the sun, sipping hot soups, having Epsom salt baths and reading
    or watching a funny video. Keep up the good work you are doing and please keep us posted on your progress.
    Kind Regards

  14. Hannah says:

    Hi Stef, My main symptoms were a lot of sickness, hunger, dizziness, bad periods/PMT etc, food intolerances, extreme weakness, anxiety and feeling faint. It was also very unpredictable. Most of that has gone now though xx

  15. Stef says:

    I am writing to update progress. I am still unfortunately not back to normal and have accepted that this isnt going to be a short road. Through my nutritionist i had a stool test which said i had poor gut immune function so am to soon start a course of probiotic tablets for 6 months to help sort this and get a lot of good back into my body. Bloods showed that my neutrophil are low which explains why progress is slow but want to know why they are not increasing. I am worried about this because have been told it is effecting bone marrow function and may have to have this investigated if does not improve. My aim of going to the doctors every so often since this has happened was to make sure that at each stage of this illness everything else was ok so that i was able to give myself best chance of recovery and also prevent any other problems in the future. I dont feel my doctors have helped me at all and its only thanks to my own initiative i have been able to find out these things by pestering for blood tests and asking to be checked out.
    I still believe there is more they could do but they do not and will not!
    I have to continue to pace myself with what i do even just throughout a daily routine. When i have a bath this usually can make me feel unwell after and i will have to take it easy. I had a day where i thought i would push it a little because it was my mums birthday and wanted to try and have a bath and go out for an early dinner. Bearing in mind this is rare. Since being ill i have never had a bath and done something else on the same day. I had the bath and washed my hair felt unwell so had lunch to pick me up rested in the afternoon then slowly began to get ready. I did not feel great but thought was expected. At the meal if anything food has always relieved symptoms so was looking forward to getting the food. However, once the food came and i began to eat found myself and chest area feel extremely odd and horrible. I felt like my heart was very fast and someone was sitting on my chest and it was putting me of eating. I checked my heart rate was 120 which i knew was not right. I tried to ignore it because i knew for a fact it was not anxiety because if i had been anxious about the situation i would not have put myself in it. I was not anxious at all because i thought no i should be able to do these things surely its been this far down the line im supposed to be getting better? However, it continued right up until we went home and did not pass. I said to my dad that if i was well and this happened i would go to a and e but because im so used to not feeling right i put it down to how i should feel, when i knew i shouldn’t. So the next day heart rate was still up so of course anxiety probably made the situation worse but i’m not superhuman its natural. Anxiety was not the root cause of the situation the only thing i could come up with as an explanation was that i had pushed my body to do to much. I went to a and e egc was fine as i expected but they agreed had high heart rate which they could not give explanation for. Doctor said either one i was experince pvf symtoms and will never get answers for them or two this situation has affected me rarely and needs investigating further. The specilist i am seeing wants to give me 24hour heart monitor but i am not to do anything that is strenous or have a bath. Which is when my heart rate goes funny?So i am worried it will not pick up anything if there is something wrong because already had heart scan last year which said everything was fine?
    I just cannot cannot believe how long this is lasting and keep thinking surely something else is not right with me to still be effected so badly. I am also being told the virus is not there anymore which i completely disagree with because somedays i feel in recovery and other days still feel effected. Can glandular fever be in your system for thing long and in your experience has anyone elses story sounded like mine. Thankyou again Stefania xx

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,

    Thanks for your post. Sorry you are still feeling so awful – it does sound like there may be another condition slowing your recovery. With your history you need to clarify if you have any other microbes
    like mycoplasma, Lyme’s or Chlamydia pneumonia which are complicating your recovery. It is also important to test for other conditions like anaemia, allergy, low blood sugar, thyroid issues, liver problems, sarcoidosis etc
    that can mimic Epstein Barr.

    The palpitations and chest discomfort sound worrying. I wonder if a hot bath is killing off the virus in large numbers and causing a die-off or Herxheimer reaction? Those symptoms may also be caused by a magnesium deficiency so make sure you
    are taking a good dose of magnesium and B vitamins daily.

    The Epstein Barr virus that causes glandular fever is a latent virus that stays in your system for life after the initial infection. It can relapse when you are run down or under stress. It sounds like your low neutrophil count may be allowing it to
    recur. I would advise you get an experienced holistic doctor or naturopath on your side to run some more tests and investigate what is going on. Here’s a list of good doctors who specialise in immune disorders:

    Please let me know how you go.


  17. Stef says:

    They keep telling me everything is fine with my bloods thyroid liver function lymes all fine
    My head is the clearest I have felt it however I am yet to have a day where I feel completely normal.Was feeling better today so went for short walk which don’t usually do heart rate has not come down and that was an hour ago I am still waiting for the horrible feeling to pass so that I can eat my lunch because it is making me feel like I don’t want to eat. I know for a fact something is not right but my doctors just can not be convinced have an appointment tomorrow and waiting for heart monitor which is in a months time. I am not anxious I just cannot make sense of why this is happenening? So knowone you have heard from has had symptoms like this? then that is worrying :/ have just made my lunch and chest area just makes me feel like I do not want to eat but if anything food makes otjer symptoms and overall feel better x

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,

    Some patients do experience these symptoms for many weeks or months. It may be worth keeping a diary to see what worsens your symptoms. For example low blood sugar, stress, allergy to a certain food or nutritional deficiencies can all trigger a high heart rate. Keep looking for a holistic doctor who can give you some answers. Glad your head is a feeling a bit clearer – that’s positive.


  19. Helene says:

    every little bit of what you describe is how I’ve been feeling for almost 3 years now. However! I’ve found something that has finally made a difference. Monolaurin I used the ecological formula brand 600mg. I took 2 in the morning and 2 before bed until I ran out of the 90 capsules. Since, my symptoms are gone. When I feel like it might come back, I take a couple of capsules per day for 3 to 4 days. I keep taking 400mg of magnesium before bed (it helps me sleep) and take New Chapter Organics multivitamins. (I went through courses of high doses of Lysine as well which didn’t work as well as the monolaurin) tried the high doses of B vitamins which only made me feel sicker (high temperature and feel like my skin is on fire).
    I have had all the test one can think off from EKG, to MRIs and MRVs as well as eng/vng tests etc.. I’ve seen so many doctors and specialists it’s not even funny how much money I’ve spent in the last 3 years. I am finally at the point were I don’t get over exhausted going into a grocery store (make me very tired and dizzy) or malls and the likes. I am finally feeling like I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve also started neurofeedback but can’t really say if it is helping yet or not as I only went through a couple of sessions so far. Cutting stress out of my life as been essential, and I am trying to get one massage per week now to balance that. In any case try the Monolaurin that is the best advice I can give you, I hope it works for you just as much as it did for me.

  20. Helene says:

    I just want to add about the bath I would recommend adding epsom salt (again high magnesium levels) will help your body/muscles unwind/relax. I’ve also used Castor oil (high in magnesium as well) on my neck and back/shoulders. It has helped considerably with going to sleep and staying asleep.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Helene,

    Thanks for your advice for Stef. Glad you are getting some promising results. Keep up the good work!


  22. Stef says:

    I had the heart monitor for a weekend results came back with no abnormalities???despite my chest doing weird things especially after anything physical. When at my worst i couldn’t even raise my arms above my head without heart rate going up and feeling out of breathe. I am waiting to be referred to a cfs specilist. I just cannot believe i am heading towards another christmas like this. I tried to go to a friends birthday in the day for a couple of hours an although i did it despite being not my normal energetic chatty self i still went which is a positive. But going, highlighted just how rubbish this situation is an how unwell i still am. Yes, i am better than i was and best i have been so far but i know i am still very unwell. To look at myself you would think there was nothing wrong once iv took my time to wash and style my hair and put on some make up and fake tan. However, my insides do not match my exterior. I do not know what to even wright here anymore. I am beyond words with this situation and the most frustrating part is that it is not a recognised serious illness. I have been going to the doctors for a year and eight months and the severity of it is still not aknowledged. Very upsetting.

    Thanks for posting helene so how did you get back to normal did you just have to wait it out would really like to know how as made every right move and am still dealing with this absolutely s**t situation.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stef,
    Thanks for your update. Most conventional doctors have no cure for Epstein Barr / CFS. It may be more productive to see an experienced naturopath or a holistic doctor who specialises in immune dysfunction. If you have not already seen it, here is a list
    of doctor’s who specialise in this area:

    You may need further tests to see if you have any other microbes like mycoplasma, Lyme’s or Chlamydia pneumonia which are complicating your recovery. It is also important to test for other conditions like anaemia, allergy, low blood sugar, underactive thyroid, liver problems, sarcoidosis etc that can mimic Epstein Barr.

    I assume for your symptoms you have tried the high dose magnesium, B complex, Vitamin E and Epsom salt baths? A sluggish or congested liver can also contribute to lingering symptoms so is worth checking out.

    I hope you start to feel better soon.


  24. Tim says:

    Hi stef,
    Reading your letters it seems you are leading a very similar life to mysely at the moment. Im sorry that yourself and others are going through this.

    Mine started last year. I came back from travelling Asia in September and was fine apart from some bites and wounds attained which healed in time. In October I noticed I was getting short of breath and somehow didn’t feel 100%. On one occasion I started feeling really dizzy and weak like I was going to pass out.On seeing a doctor he said I had a water infection and gave me antibiotics. I felt quite a lot better in November but had an itchy tingling sensation in my legs. In December I felt very fatigued again. This culminated in another occassion of severe dizziness and fatigue in early Jan.This time was worse I actually thought I was going to die.

    Since then I have spent most of my life feeling dizzy, lightheaded,fatigued, muscle cramp, chest pain, dry mouth,pale in colour sometimes slightly yellow.I do get spells where I feel a little better but it always comes back. A lot of time im bedridden also.

    Ive seen doctors over and over but there help could be a lot better. One told me to go away and get on with my life ! I have been tested for many things such including tropical viruses, liver and kidney function, treponemal screen, blood cultures etc. They all came back negative.

    I am currently been tested for myasthenia gravis, have you tested for this? From all the tests, too many to remember, I have a letter saying there is evidence of previous EBV infection. Also anti streptolysin titre was 400 units/ml, raised compared to upper limits of 200 ??

    This has ruined me. You are not alone and if I find anything at all that helps will post it.I guess you are in the same thinking that anything is worth trying.

    I hope anyone going through similar gets better. Good health to all.

    I hope anyone going through

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your post. I’m sure Stef and others going through similar experiences will appreciate your input.

    If doctors have not been able to help I would be looking at a naturopath or holistic therapist who can strengthen your immune system and treat your symptoms. Nutrients like magnesium, B complex, vitamin C and fish oils would be a starting point for your fatigue and muscle cramps. A pure fresh food diet free of sugar, gluten and processed foods with plenty of water would also be advisable. I hope you get some answers soon.
    Best Wishes

  26. Tim says:

    Thankyou for the reply, much appreciated.

    I am in a similar way, am being referred to The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicene, me/ cfs has also been mentioned.

    Stef, I hope you come on here again as there is something I might try myself. I am in the UK, not sure where you are but there is a process over here called the Lightning Process. I am sure you are like myself and will look into things that might help. There is skeptics to this practice, but it works for quite a lot of people, not everyone. A family friends nephew had similar sympoms, fatigue, dizziness muscle ache etc, and it definately worked for him as well as a few famous people. It’s expensive but as I say, has worked on various people. May I suggest you google it, it is also on you tube, the inventor has replied to my comment also. Im still only researching it myself so can’t comment on much about it.

  27. Tim says:

    Thankyou for the reply, much appreciated.

    I am in a similar way, am being referred to The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicene, me/ cfs has also been mentioned.

    Stef, I hope you come on here again as there is something I might try myself. I am in the UK, not sure where you are but there is a process over here called the Lightning Process. I am sure you are like myself and will look into things that might help. There is skeptics to this practice, but it works for quite a lot of people, not everyone. A family friends nephew had similar sympoms, fatigue, dizziness muscle ache etc, and it definately worked for him as well as a few famous people. It’s expensive but as I say, has worked on various people. May I suggest you google it, it is also on you tube, the inventor has replied to my comment also. Im still only researching it myself so can’t comment on much about it.

    Thanks again, good health to all

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your input. With your history of travel through Asia it is a good idea to get all the appropiate tests through the school of Tropical Medicine. I ended up in the Tropical Disease Hospital in London after my travels through Africa many years ago. They were very thorough.

    Best Wishes

  29. Stef says:

    Hi tim I am from uk aswell! Also now waiting to see a me\cfs specilist in oxford in january. This last month I have been doing better but I am very much aware I am not better. I heard about this and also found the gupta programme that sounds really good though I struggle to understand if is not a mental illness how mentally training yourself helps? Youtube that thanks for your messages sorry to hear you are going through an awful time.
    For anyone else reading I will come back on here regularly an hopefully once I am better will do also thinking of writing to a magazine when I am at a better stage aswell becayse this needs to be recognised and aknowledged as a severe true illness.

  30. Tam says:

    Hi Steph,

    Elizabeth has been posting some very constructive advice on treatment options and where to find good practitioners. You havent responded as yet as to whether you have tried any of her advice including supplements and the specific tests. I hear your frustration and know that doctors will not do something that you ask just because you ask, but perhaps the holistic practitioners suggested will. I had Glandular Fever when 15 and was out for almost a year. I am now 38 and have had many and varied symptoms all covered in what you are saying. Some times are great and others not so much. I have over the years been diagnosed with Menieres disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, chronic fatigue, recently IBS and sterile cystitis. all diseases of exclusion. I am not predicting this for you, but especially with the period of chronic fatigue at 30; minerals, vitamins and exercise physiologist helped. Believe me I know exercise is impossible, but 5 mins a day really helped. As I am not in a period where the symptoms are EBV related I am curious to see how you respond if you are or do do the suggested protocols. Also every bit of research I have done points to inflammation in the body being a culprit and food being the cause or solution. With regard to testing I have had it all. I too have the heart rate problem with high blood pressure, palpatations etc with no solution. It becomes manageable when the fear goes. Depression or anxiety as a diagnosis is frustrating and infuriating and I refuse to go down that path, however it does make it worse to manage. this year alone, I have had a laparascopy, cystascopy, hystascopy, breast lumpectomy(biopsy suggested breast cancer – tissue said inflammation and atypical cells but no cancer), endoscopy and colonoscopy, every blood test known to man. When going through testing and waiting for results, things do get much worse, so I guess I am saying, dont give up as you are right something is wrong, but it could be as simple as an imbalance in hormones etc that is beyond a normal doctors scope and I know how crap you can feel when out of balance. you can feel like you are dying. I am trying to figure out what diet will work and truly believe it could be the answer, it may seem too simple but I live in hope that it is. Dont put yourself through more testing without going back to diet as an answer and being honest and strict with following it as I believe from research one slip up whilst working through your intolerances etc can make you beleive it isnt working when it is. best of luck and let me know how you go with following Elizabeths suggestions.


  31. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tam,
    Thanks for your advice to Steph who has been suffering so badly. It sounds like you have worked out a few ways to relieve some of your symptoms. I do believe a good naturopath or holistic doctor is invaluable – it often does mean searching around or going by others recommendations. Even though you have both have the standard battery of tests done there are further tests which can be invaluable like heavy metal testing, stealth bacteria and adrenal hormone profiles. Most of the conventional doctors do not test for specific conditions like mycoplasma, Chlamydia pneumonia or other stealth bacteria – these types of specialised tests called PCR tests are worth seeking out if you are not getting results.

    Inflammation is often the underlying trigger for ongoing symptoms so an anti-inflammatory diet along with healing nutrients and stress management is essential.

    Thanks again Tam for your input.


  32. Tim says:

    Stef, im glad you are feeling bit better, I hope this continues. It also good other people write in on here such as Tam and Helene. I completely see what you mean saying it’s not a mental illness so how can mental training help. Im only researching it myself and have come across dr gupta also.I gather that they believe as the mind is connected to the body it can help physical symptoms. As I sit here in pain it does seem strange how this could help when nothing else does. I will keep posting on here.

    Realistically xmas will be spent totally at home but I HAVE to be better for june. I have tickets to the stone roses and can’t miss that ! This site is helpfull, we can’t give in. As well as the illness the boredom is harsh, I used to be really active and sporty. Im on twitter too = tim_c_82 just if anyone fancies sharing stories.

    As ever, good health to all, have a good xmas and a much better new year x

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for your post Tim. I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year. Sounds like you have a great goal to work towards in June!

  34. Christa says:

    Hi Stef! When I read your posts, I felt like I could have been typing it. I am 25 years old, and I have been dealing with similar symptoms since I had a really bad case of mono in 2008. I feel like I have not been well for 4 years now, and I must say that like you, I would give anything to get my old self back. I have been to several family physicians, a hemotologist, neurologist, cardiologists and an infectious disease physican who told me “there is no such thing as recurrent mono.” My symptoms have been a roller coaster with 3 major reoccurences of the extreme symptoms. Some of my symptoms include: severe fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, tingling in my hands and feet, heat intolerance (long showers/baths make me feel horrible), dizziness, lightheadedness, increased heart rate, heart palpitations, brief visual disturbances, severe aching in my hands with swelling of my veins, nausea, shortness of breath, hypoglycemia, and abdominal pain. I never feel rested…I have to push myself really hard to make it through my daily activites. I am more pale when I feel ill, and people who see me on a daily basis have commented on how sickly I look when I go through these “episodes”. I have always been a very active person who loves to exercise, but now, I can barely take my dog for a walk without wanting to lay down. I have gotten to the point where I don’t even want to bother going to the dr…the last one told me “it is as if you want there to be something wrong with you”…of course, I left his office crying so hard I could barely talk. It is so degrading and discouraging for no one to believe you are actually ill…especially when you know your body best, and you know what type of person you were before the illness hit you. I recently had a sore throat, fatigue, and increased heart rate again, and I tested positive once again for the heterophile antibody test. My active levels of EBV blood work have shown increases off and on since my originial case of mono. Since my husband is military, it is very hard to get a referral off base…but I think I’m going to beg them for a referral when I go for my follow-up this week. I would like to go to someone who specializes in immunodeficiency. I have had so much blood work done (b12, thyroid, liver/kidney, antiphospholipid, lupus)–all normal…but like you, my D came back low…I thought that was interesting that we had that in common too. Please keep me updated on your progress. It is so nice to know that there is someone out there who understands:) Thanks for all the info too, Elizabeth. It is very helpful!

  35. admin says:

    Hi Christa,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear you have struggled for so long. Conventional doctors often have no answers for recurrent or chronic mono. Fortunately there is a lot that natural therapies can do to relieve your symptoms and get you back to good health. I would recommend you find a good naturopath or holistic doctor who can guide you through this difficult time. There is a good doctor’s list on : Alternatively there is a free forum at where you could ask other mono sufferers.

    With your history you also need to clarify if you have any other microbes like mycoplasma, Lyme’s or Chlamydia pneumonia which are complicating your recovery. It sounds like you have already had the tests for other conditions like anaemia, allergy, low blood sugar, underactive thyroid, liver problems, sarcoidosis etc that can mimic chronic mono.

    Keep us posted on your progress.


  36. Stef says:

    hi i am writing to update since december. Over the christmas period i was able to feeling alot more like myself however, i wasn’t able to do anything more than usual but i noticed that talking, mooving around, and my routine was alot easier and much more normal. I will say that my noticeable improvements began proabably november and i noticed here was when my dizziness was alot clearer so maybe the virus is gradually beginning to fade off.
    I saw the cfs specilist in january he told me nothing valuable other than the virus can last for 18months which when i compare it to my progress makes sense so was glad to have this to quote. He checked bloods and apparently all is ok as heard nothing back despite trying to get in touch for results.
    Over the last couple of months i have noticed improvement at the end of january it was my birthday i had a few friends to my house for dinner and wanted to make the best of it i managed to stay up quite late and laugh talk and be alot more like myself this before was physically impossible i physically was unable to stay up later than half past 8 not because i was tired but because i felt to unwell to function that is the best way to describe it.
    I have still kept the same routine however, naturally if you are feeling better you do want to stay up maybe till 9 half 9? But as february began i started noticing things feeling strange again arms felt odd gland was up in neck with no pain and felt tight felt slower than usual and wokeup with heavy arms i naturally got upset because i thought i was passed all that that began to fade off in november but now was flaring up again i thought maybe i had caught a chill told my doctor and he just agreed. These symptoms went on for 3weeks my boyfriend came back for the weekend before valentines day and i was so happy that i managed to have dinner stay up a little later and feel more normal and more like myself although on the sunday i did feel very drained and heavy and didn’t know if i was up to talking and socialising with his family but i did it but kept thinking why am i feeling odder than usual again i must have caught something anyway this week its come out and i have managed to catch my sisters bronchitus which i am sooooo annoyed over :( i have done so well to dodge things since this time last year an now just as i really felt i was mooving forward i get this i have been trying to stay calm and tell myself it won’t make me as ill as i was but i am aprehensive about how the next few weeks are going to pan out :( i’m on antibiotics so hopefully that will clear it up i did try to go without for 5days but the cough and flem was hard to shift i dread to think what would have happened if i caught this 6months ago because i was still struggling with weakness in chest and getting out of breath. My body has been working so hard to get better and i am so annoyed i have caught this when i have only seen my sister twice and wasn’t even that close in proximity to her.
    The symptoms i am still experiencing are
    *Still feel the need to take it easy but naturally as do feel better want to moove around more and will allow myself to do so
    *Arms still feel strange like the bones or something deeper doesnt feel quite right cannot explain it
    *Legs feel heavy and a new symptom of lying on either side gives the sides of my thigh numbness from the pressure of lying on them
    *Still know i don’t feel quiet right aware i have still got a way to go to feel normal but am alot better in how i feel and head is clearest it has been
    *Still every now again get a strange sensation like i am falling backwards quickly even if i have eaten and drank and i am sat upright get like a wooshing sensation its horrible
    *Had one night where was overtired and feeling unwell and had pushed my eyes reading and my head felt so bad even to shut my eyes felt so strange i went to bed and woke straight up an hour later and felt like was hallucinating was horrible :( this was just before got told had bronchitus?
    *Baths are much easier don’t have heart palpitations as much but still get them if i over exert but nothing like before
    *Am calmer probably because i have seen improvement but for the first month of the year was ridiculously stressed about that fact was still ill was starting a new year was turning 23 was alot to deal with
    Still see acupuncturist and nutritionist hoping and praying worst is behind me now and i am recovering rather than just sat ill waiting for it to pass?
    Really hope has not caused me any problems for the future.
    What do you think off where i am at and my story? I really hope i am getting better now i really do i am just desperate to get back to health.
    & hi christa sorry to hear you have been going through this it is awful i never imagined ever dealing with this is really has recently been getting to me have you noticed overtime graduall improvement or not?&where are you based my boyfriends left germany and starts a job here soon which is more reason to need to get back to normal

  37. admin says:

    Hi Stef,

    Thanks for your update. Sounds like you have made some good progress- well done. I’m sure your bout of bronchitis has knocked you around a bit. Make sure you take the healthy probiotics when you finish the course of antibiotics.

    The nature of recovery from Epstein Barr is to have a few good days followed by a bad day or two. If you are prepared for this you can pace yourself and have some strategies in place for when you have a bad day. On my bad days I used to drink lots of hot lemon and ginger
    drinks, make myself a big pot of chicken broth, watch a funny video, have an Epsom salt bath and get lots of sleep. In some people the virus can linger for many months so it is important to have some strategies in place for those down days.

    It is positive you have experienced some good improvements. It usually means your immune system is keeping the virus at bay. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.


  38. Hugo says:

    Hi Guys especially Stef

    I’m a 25 year old guy living in South Africa. I was astonished when i read what you wrote Stef. I too felt like it was me writing that! i have the exact same symptoms thatyou have…BUT the difference is that i have had the STUPID HORRIBLE REDICULOUS virus for going on two years now!!! I never even heard about this before i was diagnosed with it. The docters have the same ‘we cant do anything’ attitude, and its driving me up the walls! I used to be very active, doing all kinds ofsports, going to he gym every day. Now i cant even make my own bed without having to sit down afterwords!!

    I try to stay positive and my girlfriend encourages me to stay positive, but someone who hasen’t felt like this can never NEVER understand what it feels like..I have fever all the time, cant sleep for more than 4 hors continiously, my heart palputations are getting worse..I’m really scared that I might suffer from heart failure one of these days..I must say taht I have discovered a liver supplement name ‘Bilron’ which has significantky help for almost all of my symptoms. If you would like to give it a try and tell me if it also helped one of you guys, that would be great…Cause the dangers of some kind of placebo effect will be most apperent to us, especially having suffered like his for extended periods of time..So my point being, we can easially make ourselfs believe that its helping. But please try it and tell me what you think??

    Another symptom that I encountered which is rarely mentioned is the bleeding of my gums. Can this be attributed to the Mono causing me to anemic??

    I realllllllllly sincerely hope this thing clears up one of these days, I dont know how long I am able tp take this anymore, I’ve contemplated suicide several times these past few months…But then my religion in Christ pulls me through.

    Hope all of you guys recover very soon and that one day we can be ambassadors for people who suffer from this debilitating disease.

    A fellow sufferer

  39. admin says:

    Hi Hugo,
    Thanks for your post. Sorry you have been suffering with the Epstein Barr virus for so long. It is good that you have found a liver tonic that helps. The liver is often the culprit in cases of recurrent EBV.

    I would look at consulting a naturopath to discuss your heart palpitations, fever and other symptoms. Heart palpitations and insomnia are often triggered by a lack of magnesium. Bleeding gums can be caused by pernicious anemia but can also be triggered by a lack of vitamin C and bioflavanoids or other conditions like gingivitis.

    You may also find a free support website like helpful when you are feeling down.

    Best Wishes

  40. Stef says:

    Hi hugo honestly I really do understand what you are going through an I never ever knew you could even be this ill I never knew an illness like this existed it has to be one of the worst because it is so debilitating but basicly what I have learnt from living with it everday that there does seem to be some method to the madness in that despite it being so so so slow I think our bodies are just gradually trying to get rid of the virus until it is just beat down into a dormant state I have learnt the only thing that is going to get me better is myself an by really supporting my immune system that’s it. It is so easy for others to say don’t worry but when your in that moment an dealing with symptoms that are affecting really important organs an body parts it is so frightening so I really do understand all I can say is eat drink an sleep as well as you can an take vitamins probiotics an try to have a routine before I was the same I could not make my bed sort my lunch or have a bath without feeling like I was going to collapse after its truly horrible but I can say these things are easier now an my routine is a lot easier whereas before I was just getting through a day my nutritionist says to cut gluten an dairy which I am trying to stick out an I think this could help I really think getting this illness was a combo of problems an the virus that we get is just what breaks the camels back an we have got to help correct it unfortunately but at least there is that an there is hope I really wish I could give you a big hug because like you say knowone unless you have been through it knows what its like your literally living but feel like your dying at the same time but positive is is that it is getting better an if we do the right things that’s all we can do so no matter what happens we can say we did all we could an also its something to say to the doctors aswell because then we cannot be blamed for not helping ourselves. I had temperature problems for a long time an even now my choice of clothes will be to ensure if I get to hot or cold I can deal with that quickly an easily an effortlessley just take it easy an I know exactly with the heart palps aswell when it happens just try not to let the worry of what’s happening make it worse but it is just a symptoms do you go to acupuncture or anything that helps. I really hope you progress an it is so hard but we don’t deserve to loose our lives over it will let everyone know how I continue . xx

  41. Stef says:

    &yes my nutritionist has given me magnesium supplements also

  42. Kim says:

    Hi Hugo I was diagnosed with EBV and Cox-Sackie 6 years ago which progressed to CFS/ME. I have all the symptoms on this site. The reason I’m writing is that I also live in South Africa (moved to Cape Town just over a year ago). I find it extremely frustrating and depressing having this disease in SA as most doctors don’t know anything about it!!!! If you would like to get in touch or do find a naturopath please do let me know. Thank goodness for the Internet. Hang in there Kim

  43. Stef says:

    It has been 6 weeks since i had bronchitus and i have noticed some new symptoms. Prior to getting the bronchitus one side of my neck felt tight and swollen my acupuncturist said the gland was up of the left side this went all the way down to the top of my left breast where it felt swollen and sore to touch. My arms were very heavy and tender to touch especially on the inside of my arms where the muscles were. Then i noticed that if i leant on my arms or applied pressure to either they felt like they had fluid in and it was a really horrible odd sensation to pressure them. This has got better over the weeks but is still there throughout my illness i never felt any of my glands really apart from my armpits were very sore and tender at the very beginning?? Should i be concerened about this my acupuncturist says it may be my lympatic system not functioning correctly. Is it just because i have been ill for so long and then maybe another illness being the bronchitus could have just not helped the situation? I have an appoitment soon with my doctor have been once already to another but she was not very helpful and didn’t really take me seriously.
    Is this normal do you think or should i be concerned?

  44. admin says:

    Hi Stef,

    It sounds like your lymph is congested from fighting off the bronchitis. Swollen lymph glands are also common in mono. I would recommend you get a lymphatic massage, try some skin brushing, do some gentle exercise and focus on an anti-inflammatory diet based on lots of alkaline vegetables and fruits. If the lymph glands remain swollen ask your doctor to test you for sarcoidosis – an autoimmune disorder that can cause longer term gland swelling.

    Hope this helps.


  45. Tim says:

    Hello again to Stef and all the other people on this feed, I know how you feel and wish you all the best.

    I was finally diagnosed with M.E and fibromyalgia. This was after having glandular fever/ EBV. I have actually gone and done the lightning process since I last posted on here. I have at times had some fantastic change from doing it albeit with some crashes, I have crashed at the moment unfortunately but im confident of turning it around again. The great changes, times of improvement have lasted for some decent time I have to say and made me able to go for runs, bike rides, long walks etc, even a few nights out on the lash !! As already stated im confident of coming out of this minor blip/crash whatever you want to call it. The woman training me in the LP had M.E for 14 years and is now totally better. The other two people I did it with have told me they are seeing great change.

    The doctor that diagnosed me said the LP sounds good and makes sense to him. It is basically using psychological patterns to influence physical illness or symptoms. The trainers doing it are aware that the illnesses are physical, in fact most of them were ill before themselves.The organs including your brain are all linked up via the central nervous system so change from psychological patterns IS possible.

    Just a thought, it is taught in many countries also now.I shall look on here again it might not be for everyone but it has helped a lot so thought id share my experience and hope to be on the right track again next time I post. Best wishes to ALL of you X

  46. Tim says:

    P.s Hugo, I am with you mate, I used to do a lot of sport, going to the gym, football, boxing etc. I miss them so much its unreal. The way I look at it is that life was wonderful once and im not giving up until it is again. Hope you recover soon and yes we can all help others to do so to.

    Thinking of you all

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your update. Glad you are getting some relief with the Lightning Process. It is really positive you have been able to return to some of your sports and social activities. The nature of recovery from conditions like Epstein Barr and M.E is to have a few good days (or weeks) followed by a bad day or two. Learning to not overdo things on the good days is vital.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your recovery.


  48. Len Fields says:

    I have chronic dizziness. It is not a spinning feeling but one that would be more like being drunk. I don’t drink. When I cover my ears tightly, I feel relief. No one has been able to give me a reason for this positive. The E.N.T. specialist shrugs his shoulders. Does anyone have a clue about this.

    I would be forever grateful.

  49. admin says:

    Hi Len,

    Sorry to hear you have been suffering with ear problems and dizziness for so long. It can be very frustrating when you don’t get better.

    Without a firm diagnosis I would look at improving the circulation to your ears and making sure there is no fluid or chronic infections irritating the nerves of the ears. Anti-inflammatory and circulatory herbs like gingko biloba, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and fish oils would be a good start.

    Making sure you are getting adequate, quality sleep, a healthy diet, frequent exercise and a fairly stress-free life will optimize your results. The help of a good naturopath or holistic doctor is advisable.

    Best Wishes

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